Ensure That You Do Not Damaged The Rented Vehicle

The easiest way to ensure that the vehicle you have rented for your trip is not damaged in any way is to immediately report to the owners in case you discover some fault may it be as little as the light for indicating direction all of a sudden stops functioning.

By taking the owners in confidence is always a wise option so that god forbid if anything serious happens or you encounter a mechanical error on the way, you will not be held responsible for it and the company would make sure you receive immediate service. If the error is par service, considering the fact that you immediately reported them about the error they may refund the entire fee or if possible arrange for you another vehicle within the same deal.

As you have taken the vehicle on lease it is for your best interest advised not to yourself interfere or attempt to correct the issue you have encountered, because first of all that is not your job, even if you have prior knowledge about the dealings with vehicles and all, and secondly as you are bonded by the legal contract you must forgo it and should not meddle with any part of the vehicle without permission of the company. Once and if they permit, even then try to get an expert fix the vehicle for you and whatever the bill be you can submit it to the company.

You must always remember that you don’t own the vehicle and additionally you are in a legal fixture therefore do not let anyone else and nor should you try to fix the speedometer, the brakes or any part of the engine as these are delicate parts and any alterations in these can put you in trouble. 

In case you have an accident which damages the car hire Christchurch

In this case the companies’ policy and mode of action required from customers is very simple and clear. First you must inform them at trusted car rental regarding the exact conditions of the vehicle. If manageable click some photographs of the place where the accident happened and also of the vehicle’s disastrous state.

Secondly you must inform the police and make sure they go to the accident site to see the damage. In case, the police could not personally visit the place, you can in this case either by calling or by yourself visiting the police station make a report of how and what exactly happened to you and to the vehicle, once report has been filed do get a copy of it to show it to the company.

Moreover, you would also be required to fill in the required information in the record of the agreement signed for renting the vehicle; this is basically a record of what the observers have to say about the accident, like a validation to your stance.

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